Research Programs

NTIS – New Technologies for the Information Society is a European project under the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations, aiming at establishing a European Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The research centre focuses on cybernetics, computer science and mechanics, which are key to the development and applications of information, communication and mechatronic technologies, as well as various disciplines of physics relevant to research and development of novel thin-film materials and plasma sources. An important role is played by mathematics applied to modelling the systems and processes, as well as the actual development of relevant mathematical structures.

The five research programs conducted in synergy by the Centre follow in the lines of long-term research activities of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, building on numerous outstanding results achieved in the past. In accordance with national and international studies, those research programs are, along with education activities, considered the key to innovation and improved competitiveness of related companies and organizations.