Mechanical systems modelling

Design of intelligent composite structures and prediction of their reliability; modelling of dynamically loaded constructions, fluid flow and its interaction with pliable structure.

This activity focuses on basic and applied research in two key areas. The first one deals with the prediction of the reliability of composite structures using non-destructive methods, especially in joining materials such as composite-composite and composite-metal; design of smart composite structures that are able to online-monitor their status via built-in piezo-electric transducers (sensors and actuators). Such structures will be able to detect, localize and quantify a resulting breach, and, consequently, calculate the residual strength in order to increase their safety.

The research objective of the second area is the improvement of existing methods and development of new advanced methods and software tools for modelling and analysis of dynamic systems, modelling of complex problems of compressible and incompressible fluids flow, and the numerical solution of complex tasks related to interactions between flowing fluid and a moving flexible body.