Distribution of research programs of the NTIS research centre

Development of cybernetic control systems, identification, intelligent decision-making  and communication systems

  • Identification systems, estimation and change detection systems, and systems for adaptive stochastic systems’ control: decision-making and control under uncertainty
  • Advanced methods and algorithms for machine and process control, and means for their implementation
  • Speech technologies for man-machine communication
  • Information technologies for the public security and healthcare support
  • Research and development of advanced diagnostics and reliability methods, namely for power systems

Head of research program: prof. Ing. Miloš Schlegel, CSc

Advanced computer and information systems

  • Geometrical models and algorithms for computer graphics applications
  • Methods and tools for the design of safe, reliable and robust computer systems
  • Natural language processing and intelligent web technologies
  • Data and knowledge for decision-making in bio-medicine

Head of research program: doc. Ing. Přemysl Brada, MSc., Ph.D.

Research and modelling of heterogeneous materials and mechanical and biomechanical structures

  • Heterogeneous materials and biomechanical structures
  • Smart materials and structures subject to dynamic loads

Head of research program: Ing. Vítězslav Adámek, Ph.D.

Novel nanostructured thin-film materials prepared using plasma processing

  • New nanostructured thin-film materials
  • New plasma sources used in thin-film deposition and surface modification

Head of research program: prof. Ing. Petr Zeman, Ph.D.

Qualitative and quantitative investigation of mathematical models

  • Mathematical modelling of continuous systems and processes
  • Mathematical modelling of discrete systems and processes
  • Development of tools and methods for collecting, processing and application of spatially defined data 

Head of research program: doc. Ing. Marek Brandner, Ph.D.

Collecting, processing and sharing geospatial data

  • Research and development of methods for collecting, archiving, processing and utilizing geospatial data

Head of research program: prof. Ing. Pavel Novák, Ph.D.