ACROSS - Automation, Control and Robotic Systems

Control of mechatronic systems and robots, automatic tuning of regulators, optimal and robust control, and control of hybrid systems.

The ACROSS - Automation, Control and Robotic Systems group focuses on applied research and development in the field of machine and process control. With a history longer than 20 years, we rely on the knowledge and experience of more than 25 engineers and scientists. We focus on developing and tuning both standard and unconventional control algorithms, designing real-time HIL simulators or optimising machine designs.
The main goals of our research group include:
- following and elaborating promising innovative approaches in the fields of process control, robotics and mechatronics
- development of theoretical methods applicable in practice
- design and implementation of real-time control systems using the above-mentioned methods
- advanced numerical simulations of dynamical systems and digital twins
- design and optimisation of mechatronic systems, manipulators and robots for non-standard applications - e.g. manipulation in aggressive environments, reliability testing or non-destructive inspection of critical infrastructure
- design of new production machines and automated processes or optimisation of existing automation systems
- providing training and teaching in the relevant fields, designing teaching aids, laboratory models and test stands
In addition to technological know-how, we continuously develop our SW and HW control tools necessary to successfully deploy advanced control systems in practice.
This includes real-time systems, power electronics design, built-in controllers and actuators, real-time high-speed wireless communications or machine vision.
We regularly publish the theoretical results of our work in professional journals and at international conferences. We cooperate with leading European technical universities. The results of research and development activities are immediately transferred to industrial practice through partner companies and institutions. Cooperation with partners usually takes the form of collaborative research projects or contractual research.
You will find a more detailed description of our activities and a list of selected references in the Cooperation Offer section.