Monitoring and diagnostic

Research and development of methods for improving safety, reliability and efficiency of energy systems in the transmission and distribution networks and diagnostics of energy equipment.

Research activity focuses on research and development of novel methods increasing safety, reliability and efficiency of power systems. Research activity can be split into two application domains: power networks (i.e. distribution, transmission and Smart Grids) and energy systems diagnostics. First application domain includes research on novel methods leading to increase of safety, reliability and efficiency of power delivery in transmission and distribution power networks. Continuous integration of smart devices into power network infrastructure enables new research possibilities, which lead to overcome of current or expected technical challenges faced by system operators (i.e. TSOs, DSOs). For example, increasing of intermittent renewables in energy mix, energy storage integrations or demand side management. Second application domain focused on novel diagnostic and monitoring methods improving safety and reliability of energy systems (e.g. steam turbine). Main objective of this research sub-activity is to extend current state of the art of algorithms, models and theories focused on technical diagnostic and reliability monitoring, while preserve high applicability of developed methods.