Clinical decision support

The team is engaged in research of IT tools for applications of personalized and precise medicine, i.e. on development of methods and computer systems design for clinician decision making using interdisciplinary holistic approach. It focuses on modeling and simulation specifically targeted to the needs of biomedical researchers and physicians, as well as the design and development of a comprehensive solution for extensible systems with intrinsic capability to support ad hoc data analysis, reduction of genetic and genomic data and interpretation of results for a clinicians within a clinically acceptable time.

Specific areas of research for clinical use are:

  • Data analysis and modeling to support decision making
  • Computer modeling and simulation
  • Evaluation of biological and medical experiments
  • Design of processes and information systems (methodology of data collection, storage, management and transmission, IT infrastructure design)

Currently, the research activities are focused primarily on the area of hematology and oncology, where cooperation is established with:

  • Department of Hematology-oncology, Faculty Hospital Pilsen
  • Laboratory of Tumor Biology and Immunotherapy, Charles University - Biomedical Center, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
  • The Czech National Marrow Donors Registry
  • WMDA – World Marrow Donor Association