2019 ‒ 2023

Project Horizon 2020 No. 869929  
Lightweight switchable smart solutions for energy saving large windows and glass façades (Switch2save).

Total project cost: 5 468 224.21 EUR (University of West Bohemia 280 937.50 EUR)

2019 ‒ 2021

Project GACR No. 19-14011S

Design of novel functional materials, and pathways for their reactive magnetron sputtering, using advanced computer simulations.

Total project cost: 5,173 thousand CZK

2019 ‒ 2021

Project GACR No. 19-13174S

Advanced hydrogen-gas sensing nanomaterials with a tailored architecture.

Total project cost: 4,495 thousand CZK

2018 ‒ 2021

Project FV30177   
Research and development of novel pulsed plasma technologies for deposition of advanced thin-film materials.

Total project cost: 11,500 thousand CZK

2017 ‒ 2019

Project GACR No. 17-08944S     

Nanostructured coatings synthesized using highly reactive pulsed plasmas.

Total project cost: 6,288 thousand CZK

2016 ‒ 2018

Project GACR No. 16-18183S     
Advanced surface coatings with enhanced properties and thermal stability.

Total project cost: 6,190 thousand CZK

2015 ‒ 2017

Project GACR No. 15-00859Y     
Design of new functional materials, and pathways for their atom-by-atom preparation, using advanced computer modelling.

Total project cost: 3,714 thousand CZK

2014 ‒ 2016

Project GACR No. 14-03875S      
Nanostructured multifunctional coatings prepared using highly ionized pulsed plasmas.

Total project cost: 5,985 thousand CZK

2012 ‒ 2015

Project GACR No. GAP108/12/0393     
Hard nanocomposite coatings with enhanced toughness and unique properties.

Total project cost: 9,687 thousand CZK

2010 ‒ 2012

Project MEYS COST OC10045    

Novel plasma sources for film deposition and surface modification“ within COST MPNS MP0804: „Highly Ionised Pulse Plasma Processes.

Total project cost: 990 thousand CZK

2008 ‒ 2012

European project NMP2-LA-2008-214134     

Flexible production technologies and equipment based on atmospheric pressure plasma processing for 3D nano structured surfaces

project coordinator: Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff-und Strahltechnik (IWS), Dresden, Germany