Plasma diagnostics

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

Langmuir sond Hiden ESPION

Mass spectrometer with energy filter (Hiden Analytical EQP 300)

Hiden Analytical EQP 300 is an energy and mass analyzer of ions. It allows to measure energy and mass spectra of ions extracted from a plasma source or created from neutral particles by the instrument's ionisation source. The instrument can be used, for example, to measure the composition of discharge plasmas, partial pressure of gases in a vacuum chamber, energies of ions incident on a growing film or to estimate the plasma potential. The instrument allows time-resolved measurements, so at allows to investigate transient phenomena.

The instrument is equipped with the following functional parts:

  • system for extraction of ions from plasma
  • ionisation source (electron energy up to 150 eV)
  • 45° sector electrostatic field analyser for ion energy filtering (range 200 eV, positive or negative ion detection)
  • quadrupole mass filter enabling to filter the particles by mass to charge ratio (up to 300 amu)
  • ion detector – secondary electron multiplier (SEM, up to 20000000 counts per second)

Optical Emission Spectrometry